OPEN BOWLING - Special Rates




Prices are per game per person. Bowling shoes must be worn by all guests. Shoe Rental Not included in Bowling rates.

Shoe Rental- Special Rates

$3.00  Youth Sizes ( 6-13, 1 - 4 )

$4.00  Adult Sizes

Promotion (Special Pricing) Details:  Availability limited to designated times and designated lanes |  Present promotion upon arrival (at check-in).  Must check-in within the promotion hours  |  Bowling shoes must be worn by all guests.  Shoe Rental NOT included in bowling rates.  |  Capacity: Up to 6 guests per lane; Limit 2 lanes.  |  Open Bowling: Unfinished games same price as a finished games. Pace of play should be comparable to 6+ games per hour per lane.  |  All You Can Bowl:  Time paid on 1 transaction, no split transactions.  One hour minimum. 2nd hour discount 50%.  Additional time at standard rates, pro-rated by 0.5 hour increments  |  Promotions and Special Offers subject to change without notice.  Shall not be combined with other promotions, events, or leagues  |  Prices exclude NH State Meals Tax (9%) where applicable.

Note:  Only offers published on this website are considered genuine and redeemable at Park Place Lanes.

Candlepin Bowling

  • $25 per hour MON - FRI until 5pm. SUN after 5pm [Off Peak Times]
  • $30 per hour MON - THU after 5pm.  SAT & SUN until 5pm [Peak Times]
  • $35 per hour FRI & SAT after 5pm [Super Peak Times]

All You Can Bowl for a fixed price.  Prices are per hour, per lane.  Additional time pro-rated by 0.5 hour increments.  Up to 6 guests per lane. Bowling shoes must be worn by all guests.  Shoe Rental Not included in Bowling rates.

Shoe Rental (Standard Rates)

  • $3.50  Youth Sizes Sizes ( 6-13, 1 - 4 )
  • $4.50  Adult Sizes